Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Contribution: “… our mental health is worsening”

I among many others sit CXC exams last year. However, I was forced into doing A-Levels, since then I feel disconnected from myself. My original plan was to enter UTT or UWI Roytec, which I signed up for and was accepted into both. I was once a good student who had a passion for education. Made sure that all my projects and work were done promptly, during these times I’m acting out.

As a child growing up I had a love for technology, especially for AI. Creating programs, coding, and developing software all of which I lost the desire for. My whole life I thought I can make a difference in the world of technology with all my crazy ideas but now I’m completely drained.   I don’t have any way to express myself, not even in my own home. Something as simple as studying for this year’s exams is harder than last year. My father and his girlfriend have no empathy for my twin brother and me when it comes to school.

Loud music playing on the TV, yet they are on their phones watching videos even louder than TV, all while laughing and talking.   This even led to a verbal fight between me and my father. Never have I once lased out before. My emotions, I don’t even know what I feel. I just feel empty. I’m worried for myself. In the past, I was bullied for years, which caused me to have negative thoughts and actions towards myself, and the load of school adds to the cause. I’m thinking that maybe I am not as strong enough to carry on. 

All I wish for people to understand that as students, our mental health is worsening. We ask for you to hear our voices because it time we as a nation, take mental issues seriously, especially during these times. 

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