Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Contribution: “No one advocating for CXC students’ rights”

No one Advocating for CXC Students’ Rights 

As society we as Jamaicans are failing to hear the voices that really matter. And that is us, we the students. Neglected, abandoned and detached are some of the few adjectives that can be used to describe us the student’s feelings toward thehandling of the CSEC and CAPE examinations grading scheme. It has become quite clear what’s Jamaica’s priority and I will give you a hint ‘it’s not the welfare and intellectual improvement of today’s children’. It seems that the NEEDS of the students have taken a backseat to every else that is going on in the country. Recently the ISSA Boys and Girls Championship concluded, and all that seem to be making the rounds is the gun gesture made by Antonio Watson. 

The controversy between former PNP senator A.J Nicholson and government senator Kamina Johnson Smith and rampage of a lunatic PNP leader Mark Golding in parliament have seen to taken front-seat. The eve of CXC examinations are up on us, and some students have ABSOLUTELY no clue what to write on the papers when they are provided to us. If you were to ask any random student, what they have learnt online, their collective answer would be DEPRESSION. There is no one advocating for the NEEDS of students. The relevant authorities seem to have magically disappear into thin air. Their faces are but a distant memory to us.

 It seems as if Jamaica has no Children Advocate, to champion for the needs and best interest of the students, no Opposition Minister of Education, to challenge the government on their handling of the CXC debacle and lastly no Minister of Education, to fight CXC on their ruling as it relates to CXC grading scheme. Here is what we the students propose, CXC use only the SBA grades as our final scores.

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